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Level 6

Never overwrite property of component is not working.

I am using an installscriptmsi project. In that i set "Never overwrite" property of a component to yes. And inside that component i dynamically linked all the files that i need to deploy through my setup.
Let say, i am deploying file1 to the target machine. But before deploying that file i am copying that file1 to the target machine through Xcopy function(For some condition) inside the script. Now my requirement is that as i have already copied that file to the target machine then the installer should not deploy the same file again as in that case it will overwrite the file that i copied earlier. But it is not happening, installer is overwriting the same file1 with the file that installer has inside the component.
Note: I have already set "Never overwrite" property of that component to yes. And that component has file dynamically linked.
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Level 3

I met the same problem, Please tell me why?
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