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Need advice on combined 32-bit and 64-bit installer

I'm looking for some advice on the best method for creating a combined 32-bit and 64-bit installer. I've already done some research into this, but most of what I have found is either outdated or doesn't quite work. To further complicate the matter the installer needs to be able to create both a CD-Distribution release and a Self-Extracting release and also be able to be edited and built via the Automation Interface.

I believe the method commonly recommended by Flexera at this point is to use a Suite/Advanced UI installation to bundle a 32-bit and 64-bit MSI. However this involves an expensive upgrade to Premier (we currently only have Professional) and assuming the Suite/Advanced UI in Premier is similar to the Advanced UI in Professional, there don't seem to be the same release Media Format options that a Basic MSI Project has. While I'm fairly certain I could add the necessary files (autorun.inf, etc.), to the create a CD-Distribution it seems odd that there are no release options for the Advanced UI (unless it is significantly different in Premier).

The other option I considered was using a Basic MSI or Installscript Project along with Nested MSI Custom Actions to choose whether to install the 32-bit or 64-bit MSIs for the product. This over-all project wouldn't need to have any components installed with it, it would essentially just need to be a loader for the nested MSIs that also has the capability of bundling everything into a single executable for the web distribution. But I've read that this is a bad idea and can cause problems, but I haven't seen any description of exactly what those problems are.
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Level 2

I am also curious as what are the best practices

Currently i have made a new installcript project (for the bootstrapper) with a custom dialog and placed my 2 msi setups (32 and 64 bit) inside the support directory.

and then i launch either the 32 setup or 64 bit setup depending on what the user has selected.

In installscript this is something like

nState=CtrlGetState ("CustomDialog", RES_RADIOBUTTON1);
if(nState = BUTTON_CHECKED)then
szInstall = SUPPORTDIR ^ "setup_x86.exe";

nState=CtrlGetState ("CustomDialog", RES_RADIOBUTTON2);
if(nState = BUTTON_CHECKED)then
szInstall = SUPPORTDIR ^ "setup_x64.exe";

nReturn = DoInstall (szInstall, "", LAAW_OPTION_WAIT);

This was based on advice from this post
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