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Multiple Destination Folder Option

I am using InstallShield 2016 Professional Edition, I have enabled destination folder change option with _BrowseProperty.
My Requirement is, I have to move my files in three different folders.
Example: While installing the user has to be select folder A, but the files have to be installed in folder B, C, and D kindly help me to how to proceed. the folder structure already there in system only file needs to be installed.
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You do not state what type of project you are using, I will assume MSI.

You will set up your component A with Destination PathA. This is very straight forward and it sounds like you already have this configured.
With ComponentA visible in the IDE, expand the tree view for the component.
Expand the tree view for Advanced Settings
And Finally, Expand the tree view for Other Data
Look to the work panel in your IDE - you should see 'DuplicateFile', click this.

This takes you to Direct Editor view and to the DuplicateFile table. You will need to create an entry for each target directory and each file.
See MSDN for details on the Duplicate File table

I have several entries in this table myself where files have to be duplicated to different directories.

You will also need to setup the Directory table to include definitions for your three target directories so you can populate the DestFolder column.

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Thanks, Lee,

Yes, I am using MSI project.

I have some set of folders(Server_BO,Server_RPT,Server_Proc...) under Application Data>Files and folder.
Each folder contains the different set of files and while installing, the installer will prompt the destination folder(change folder dialog), the user has to select the folder(root folder) to move the files into the respective folder.
Example: if the user selected the folder server(root folder)
the installer should move the file into the subfolder Server>BO ; Server >RPT ; Server>Proc.
BO;RPT;Proc are subfolder under Server.

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Hi Friends,

Please help me on this.
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