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Msi Prerequisite Installs but complains it failed

Hey Folks,
I have a bit of a strange problem. I have a prerequisite which has a condition that checks the registry for the product. When I run my installation the prerequisite kicks off and it installs the product perfectly fine only the final condition check to ensure the product has been installed is saying it was unsuccessful, If I rerun the setup it shows that the product is already installed and doesnt try to install it again. What I think is happening is that somehow the installation is returning before it has finished setting up it's registry components and this is causing my installation to not see that it is installed correctly. I think the easiest fix would be to put a time delay in but I'm not sure if this is even possible within a prerequisite.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?
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Level 13

Double check your conditions for install. A prerequisite will check to ensure that all conditions are true after install.
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Level 7

add /Lv* install.log to the command line of the prerequisite.

lookup for errors in that.
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