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Missing Items in MFC Merge Modules?

Our product uses MFC 9 (9.0.30729.4148) from Visual Studio 2008 SP1.

We created an MSI project to provide MFC to our customers who push one of our components through Group Policy (since Microsoft only provides the merge modules and the vcredist_x86.exe). This MSI has a dummy component with no files, and has the MFC and C Runtime merge modules - 2 each for ATL, CRT, MFC and MFCLOC - as found in Program Files\Common Files\Merge Modules. (As far as I can tell with Orca, these are exactly the same as the merge modules installed with InstallShield 2009).

When I install our product and this MSI, I get an error that is corrected by installing the vcredist_x86.exe for MFC 9. When I ran it with InCtrl5, I saw that it was installing several files, policies etc. that don't appear to be installed with the merge modules.

Has anyone run into this issue with the MFC 9 merge modules? Am i missing some?
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Hi Kathy,
Did you get any further with this issue? I came across your thread while searching the forums but decided to contribute to another thread in the 2010 section.

My experiences are the same: The 9.0.30729.4148 mergemodule breaks things and the 9.0 vc_redist.exe fixes it or avoids the problem completely if you use it from the start.
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We ended up removing the merge modules from our product MSIs and installing the runtimes as a prerequisite.
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