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Level 3

Minor upgrade issue on 64bit Machine

I am trying to upgrade the msi which has the merge module.
Steps followed:
1. Installed the Msi having the version 3.1.004
2. Now i added some files to merge module and changed the msi version to 3.1.006 and built it.
4. then i did upgradation i.e from 3.1.004 to 3.1.006.

During upgradation it displays the msg "it performs upgradation". But newly added files are not getting installed.

I can see the added files in CAB file and if i install the 3.1.006 msi all files are getting installed. Only during minor upgrade files are not getting installed.

Please Suggest me..
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Level 12

First thing is to get a verbose installation log of the minor upgrade.
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