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Migration from older install shield projects


I have encountered some problems with projects that I have imported from an older version of InstallShield express. The project automatically upgraded but I have a few differences between this an a "clean" new project:

1. The per machine/per user installation options appears to be fixed on and no matter what I do I cannot remove this.
2. I do not have a print button in the user agreement panel.

I would like to import my project files into a clean project but there does not appear to be any options to do this, nor can I find any options that allow me to view and change the "historic" features.

Any suggestions on a way to fix this problem?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi Sharon Mellings,

-May i know which installshield version of express you are trying with?

-What do you mean by importing project files into clean project?

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Hi Jenifer

I am currently working with InstallShield Express 2018. I had been working with an old project from version 2008.

If I started a new install shield project everything works correctly, but I have to re-create the installation adding the executables into the development project.

I have 3 main problems when I open and update a project from install shield express 2008 with install shield express 2018 (I agree to upgrading the project)

1. Environment variables are not created even though I ask for them to be defined
2. The page that show users the terms and conditions does not allow me to have a print button showing
3. The installation still allows a per-user installation even though I have specifically asked for a per-machine installation.

For a current project I have rebuilt the entire installation from scratch and all of these three problems disappeared (the environment variables problem was the final straw as this was critical to the installation). However this is only a small project and other installation products that I have include many more files and features.

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