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Migrate from ISMP 5 to Install Anywhere?

I know that ISMP 11.5 projects can be migrated to Install Anywhere by using Project Manifest tool.
I have a project of ISMP 5 and I want to migrate it to Install Anywhere.
So, Can I do the above thing to do it?
Do I need to have ISMP 11.5 also ( That means can I migrate from ISMP 5 to Install Anywhere directly)?

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Hi Buddhika,

Have you got any info on this topic? Im also trying to migrate from ISMP5 to IA 2008. IA 2008 doesnt support direct migration. You need to follow the following path.

ISMP 5.x -> ISMP 11.5 SP1 -> IA 2008

You need to use Project Manifest Plugin in order to migrate from ISMP 11.5 SP1 to IA 2008, Please note you need to have ISMP 11.5 SP1 installed on your machine.

Have you tried anything like mentioned above? Actually while converting projects of ISMP 5 to ISMP11.5 SP1, I'm getting parsing error hence unable to convert. Thoughts???

Thanks and Regards,
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