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Merger Modules not installing

My app needs both the CRT & MFC merge modules installed. I have them checked in the dependency view and have ran the static scan to make sure I haven't missed something. When I install, using an admin account, I don't get any install errors but I get side-by-side errors when running the app and the Depends.exe program shows the problem to be missing mfc90.dll and msvcr90.dll. A search reveals that they are not on the systems. I don't see any other options for installing merge modules other than checking to include them. Any ideas?? Thanks, Randy
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Flexera SherylSikora

Re: Merger Modules not installing

You need to ensure that you have the MFC and CRT 9.0 merge modules on your development machine. Once you have those, you can browse for them in the Redistributables view and select them to include them with your install.
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