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Merge Module locations

As part of a change in our build processes we have just upgraded to InstallShield 2012 Spring. As part of this change it is no longer ideal to add a Merge Module path to every installation of InstallShield so that it picks up any locally-built Merge Modules - is there any way to specify Merge Modules via a path on a project-by-project basis?


Ian Johnson.
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This link from the InstallShield knowledge base might help:
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I have a related question to the knowledge base that you posted.

I have been looking at that link from the knowledge base, which says that I should be able to use Path variables in the merge module location options. It is also stated here in this knowledge base article:

Every time I try to add: \lib\release\Deployment, it tells me that it is not a valid path. Asks me if I'd like to create it. If I click yes, it returns with "Could not create.." If I choose no, it just closes down the options screen entirely.

This seems like it should be pretty straight forward - Anybody else having this issue?


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Some ideas on how to fix your issue:

(1) create the directory you need under , so that it pre-exists (and will not have to be created). Make sure you create it in the right location (in the Path Variables view you can see where is mapped on your local computer).

(2) close InstallShield. Right-click the InstallShield icon and select "Run As Administrator". It may be that you couldn't create the directory because you were not running with admin privileges. Just a guess.
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