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Level 13

Masking prerequisite password from /debuglog

I noticed that /debuglog exposes all the command lines for prerequisites.
This causes me some concern as we are required to not expose the SA password in any way. So is there a way to hide the SA password from someone potentially running the Advanced UI setup with /debuglog
We do need to configure SQL Server 2012 Express SP1 with mixed mode authentication and the application does need to have a known password.

My Advanced UI is setup with (1) MSI that consists of just common prerequisites that contains .NET Framework, C++ Runtime Redistibutables, and application specific redistributables; (1) MSI that consists of the SQL Server 2012 Express Prerequisite along with some registry entries, (1) Main MSI application installer

If it was not for the fact that SQL Server 2012 Express stops and restarts the MSI engine during its install, I would not need to use the Advanced UI installer; however, it does. So that is why I am using this method of distribution. We want to present a singular package that can install on both client and main (server) computers. This allows for that.

So does anyone know if it is possible to hide the password in the AdvanceUI as a prerequisite?

Thank you.
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Level 13

I am told by support that it is not possible to mask anything on the command line, so I will need to look at another approach rather than using a prq for delivering the SQL Server. I was hoping to be able to download the application dynamically and avoid having to download 208MB to all the client machines.

They suggested creating an InstallScript setup wrapper, which is probably what we will have to do.
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