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Major upgrades doesn't remove older version entry in the add / remove programs


We are using install shield 2012 based installer for our exe. We are facing some issues where the previous installer was not properly uninstalled during the major update and observing two entries in the add / remove programs after the update.

When we try to delete the older entry, it was failing with installation error. Hence this entry remains there till we manually go to reg edit and delete the entry.

Steps we have done for Major upgrade:-
1) Generated new product code
2) Under Media -> Upgrades added "Automatic Upgrade item"

Observations :-
- So far we are seeing this issue only in Dell latitude e4310 Laptop / Windows 7 and in some Windows XP SP-3 VM's. In desktop machines the major upgrades are working fine and we were seeing only one entry for our app in the add / remove programs.

Can some help me in resolving the issue.

Thanks & Regards.. Venki Pola
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Could you upload the log file? you may check for FindRelatedProducts Action and RemoveExistingProducts action and check what value it returns.
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