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Level 4

Major Upgrade not changing files

I am trying to make a new major update for our product but I am having some issues.

This is what I did.

1. Updated the PAckage Code
2. Changed "Version" number in the Product Properties page.
3. Change the "Product Code"
4. Went into the Media "Upgrades" section and added a "Major Upgrade Item".

Everything builds and it states in the build log that it is generating a "Major Upgrade". The problem is if I install the first version (1.0) and then try running the upgrade exe (2.0 setup .exe) our program EXE gets removed and the desktop icon gets removed but the new exe doesn't get installed and the desktop icon doesn't get created.

But I go check the Add/Remove programs and two entries for our product is in the list.

If I have a virgin machine and install the newest installation program (the 2.0 exe) everything gets created just fine.
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Level 7

The .exe file versions don't match and the newer one is higher than the old one correct?
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Level 8

make sure the Upgrade Code of the two installs is the same.

It seems like it is treating them as two different families of the product.

Also if the exe file version is the same you will see this behavior, unless you select that file in your project and set the "Always overwrite" property.
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