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Level 3

Major Upgrade issues

I am trying to perform a major upgrade but am having two issues that are probably related:
1. The old application remains in Add or Remove Programs.
2. Start Menu shortcuts are not deleted.

If I perform an uninstall via Add or Remove Programs the old application is removed ok.

During the upgrade I can see files are being removed so I know that the uninstall is being performed. However it does not seem to be completed.

Some background information:
The old install set was created with DevStudio 9 and is an InstallScript MSI project. The new install set was created from scratch with InstallShield 2008 and is a Basic MSI project. Automatic Upgrade Item in Upgrades was used to point to the old install set.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Level 6

Did you check the product and upgrades codes of the 2 msi.

Any clues from log files?
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Level 3

The old Product code is:

The new Product code is:

The old Upgrade code is:

The new Upgrade code is:

I could not see any issues in the log file, though I am not an expert. I did see a section on files being removed and also looking at Windows Explorer during the upgrade I could see the files were actually removed.
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Level 4


Sorry, I might be asking stupid question but still, Have changed product version and package code also?

Sachin Pawar
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Level 3

There are no stupid questions since I'm no expert :D.

The Product Code has been changed. I haven't done anything about the Package Code. I thought InstallShield updates it automatically during the build?
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Level 10

We've had similar issues going from InstallScript MSI to Basic MSI. When the new msi uninstalls the old package, it relies only on the old MSI database (somewhat obviously). So anything that your old project set up in the script doesn't get set up, and that can cause problems during the uninstall from an upgrade.

We have had to write custom actions that run the actual scripted uninstall from the UI sequence rather than depend on the automatic uninstall from the MSI in these cases. If your install is generally run silently, of course, this is problematic...
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Level 3

Thanks, that seems to make some sense. In our old InstallScript MSI project it was using InstallScript to remove start menu shortcuts on the OnUninstalled event for some features. There are also some other InstallScript functions that were used on the OnInstalled event but not on the OnUninstalled event. An example was installing a barcode font. If I create a custom action to remove the shortcuts will that mean the upgrade will uninstall the old application successfully? By that I mean remove it from the Add or Remove Programs list.
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