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Level 4

Major Upgrade does NOT uninstall the Product before install the new one

The upgrade didn't remove the old product..

I checked IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE property, the value is "Yes", which means the installer is performing the major upgrade, but the old product has not uninstalled when the new install starts..

Thanks in advance...
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Level 4

attach some log....

InstallShield 18:34:29: Begin SetAllUsers()
InstallShield 18:34:29: Getting records from Upgrade table
InstallShield 18:34:29: UpgradeCode: {C1591D09-EC3B-4271-BC68-709174733AFE} MinVersion: MaxVersion: 1.10.000 Language: Attributes: 257
InstallShield 18:34:29: Checking related product {865930A3-A1B0-43BA-9528-7812FF4CDEF7}
InstallShield 18:34:29: TestProduct {865930A3-A1B0-43BA-9528-7812FF4CDEF7} 1033 1.00.0000 ***Related***
MSI (c) (54!78) [18:34:29:090]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE property. Its value is 'Yes'.
InstallShield 18:34:29: ALLUSERS of related product {865930A3-A1B0-43BA-9528-7812FF4CDEF7} is = 1
MSI (c) (54!78) [18:34:29:090]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding ALLUSERS property. Its value is '1'.
InstallShield 18:34:29: End SetAllUsers()
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Level 10

Check further in the log, around RemoveExistingProducts, to see if it tells you anything else. One reason I can think of offhand is if the product was originally installed per-machine and the upgrade is running per-user.
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Level 4

Yes!.. the "RemoveExistingProducts" action is missing from execute sequence, weird... I added it back, then it worked... Thank you ..
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