MSXML4.dll created in %windir%\SYSWOW64 after installing InstallShield 2015 LE

Hi Team,

We have a high priority issue and needs to be fixes asap.

While creating set up projects in Visual Studio 2013 or 2015, VS 2013/2015 installs InstallShield 2015 limited edition. This in turn creates MSXML4.dll in %windir%\SYSWOW64 of the server where the software is installed.
Why does this happen? does InstallShield use MSXML4.dll? Is there an option not to allow MSXML4.dll from getting created?

I would highly appreciate if we get a quick response and resolution to the issue.
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A couple of things to note.

1. In the past couple weeks I think I have responded to 95% of the questions in this particular forum.

2. You entered your question about LE in the normal InstallShield forum and I don't know LE. Will someone else reply? Refer to note #1

3. Way at the top of each forum, above the "Post New Thread" button is a Service-Level Disclaimer from Flexera that they don't necessarily monitor or respond to questions here.

I would probably post the question over in the other forum for LE. It would not surprise me if MSXML4.DLL is needed because InstallShield can be used to author installers that modify XML files and they might have wanted to take advantage of some of Microsofts stuff so they don't have to reinvent every wheel. I know they do that in lots of areas of the product - leverage what is available when possible.

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