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MSIX packaging


We have upgraded from Installshield 2011 to Installshield 2020. 

With some small changes to the Basix MSI Project (related to path variables) we have managed to create the installer.

But after the installer is created, Installshield starts Examaning the msi and ends with an error -9513: Scheme validation error in AppxManifest.xml, this is because we create services with an underscore in the name.
I think this is for MSIX packaging.

For this moment it is not an option to change this, since we are using this name for over more than 10 years.

So my question is:
Can I change the AppxManifest.xml in order to allow an underscore? If this file can be changed, how do I do this?

Or is there a way to skip the last part of the process, so skip the MSIX packaging.


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Re: MSIX packaging

There are 2 build buttons on the Installshield ribbon - in the screenshot below, Build button 1 will build the MSI and Build button 2 will build an MSIX.

If you accidently click build button 2 then Installshield will always attempt to build an MSIX (even if you subsequently then only click build button 1)

You can stop Installshield attempting to build an MSIX in the Releases view > APPX/MSIX tab > Build Windows App Package = No

I hope this helps.



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Re: MSIX packaging

Thanks for the quick response.

Stopping Installshield attempting to build an MSIX did the trick.


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