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MSI-Project | problem with autorun dialog


This post may be a bit "off topic" but I hope someone knows a solution anyway.

We have build a msi with packed data. The cab file size is about 800MB.
I know its pretty big.
Installation works well - that's not the problem...

Following problem appear: if the user puts the DVD into the drive,
the "autorun" dialog comes up. If he uses "open to view files..."
windows starts to scan the cab file - as I spy out with "process monitor".
This process need hours due to the system uses 4K block for read
and moves the head of the drive in and out.
The process itself is "Explorer.exe".
I actually don't know what windows does with this data.

If the user closes the autorun dialog, if it comes up and
opens the DVD directory directly with windows explorer
all goes well - without any "scan" of files.

Does someone knows this problem?
Or does some know to prevent windows to examin the
cab and other data on the DVD?

We get the problem on W7 pro / W8.1 pro, all patches applied.
(Other systems not testet.)
Virus scanner(s) off.
But "microsoft security essentials" installed.

Any help is welcome!
Thank you!

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Is the cab file signed ?
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I tried both: same behaviour... 😞

Cheers, FraMix
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