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Level 8

Localization - Strings not showing in FilesInUse Window

1. I pass some applications to FilesInUse Window for user to close them before installation. However, in the Control Panel Language Options, if I have chose Chinese Language for non-Unicode programs, it doesnt display the application names, which are not localized, in the window. It shows the window but it looks like it is empty (see below) but it is actually not. Could anyone help me out with this?

2. Also, is the installer unicode? Looks like, whatever language is chosen as the Language for non-Unicode programs in Regional and Language Options, it is the laguage for the installer. Is this how InstallShield decides installation language?

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Level 8

Found this link

So how is the language of the installation determined? Why does the installer display in the language set in Language for non-Unicode programs? Is this documented somewhere?

Any input is appreciated guys!

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