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Kill Process custom action fails?

I have a Kill Process custom action named Kill_IngOPOSSO, which fails. See the attached png file. After the installer runs, IngOPOSSO.exe shows as still running in the task manager, and task manager has no trouble killing it.

The log file contains this

Action start 15:54:45: Kill_IngOPOSSO.
Action ended 15:54:45: Kill_IngOPOSSO. Return value 1.

I assume a return value of 1 indicates a failure, but there's no indication of why. I've attached the log file in case it has some other useful information.

I've also tried an Exe custom action using "taskkill.exe /f /im IngOPOSSO.exe" without success.

Can anyone suggest anything else I might try?

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