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Issue with VS2010 Content Files group after upgrading InstallShield from 2012 to 2014

Hi Everyone,

I was using VS2010 with Windows 7 x64 and InstallShield 2012 for my project. The InstallShield is integrated with Visual Studio and uses project's Content Files group for specifying files for the installation. In the InstallShiled project I setup destination directory structure in "Add Files" section and using "Add Project Output" option to select Content Files group as a source for files so for example, if my project is Project1, the InstallShield shows that it will use "Project1.Content Files" as a source for files.
The Visual Studio project structure is very simple however it contains folders under it. While I was using InstallShield 2012, the build procedure was packing all files from my Project1.Content Files group and preserved folders structure so when I install my package, I can see all project's folders with their files in the destination directory. Recently, InstallShield 2012 has been upgraded to InstallShield 2014. It went pretty well but it looks like VS project's Content Files group now treated differently. It does not preserve project's folder structure and pack files from all project's folders as a single big list of files without their folders so when I install my package, I can see all files in the destination directory but without their home folders.
My question is, how to tell InstallShield 2014 to preserve a project's folder structure in Content Files group? I know, i can add all folders manually to InstallShield project but it defeats the purpose of integration with Visual Studio project.

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I'm also having this issue, however i'm using installshield 2013.
has anyone come up with a solution yet?
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I am very interested in the outcome of this thread. I am currently using IS 2013 and using Visual Studio project's Content Files group. I am planning on upgrading to IS 2015 and am wondering if I will encounter the same problem.
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Kicking to the top of the pile, as I would still like to see an answer to the smithgoga's question. Can anybody from Flexera answer?
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