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IsCmdBld and faulty exit code

I've seen a lot of old posts about this, but nothing recent and nothing that would seem to lead to a solution to my current problem.

I'm working on an automated build sequence (calling IsCmdBld, often on multiple projects simultaneously). I'd like to have the build sequence halt if a legitimate error occurs with one of the Installshield build processes, but it seems like the exit code is not reliable (got a large negative return value instead of 0 on a successful (error-free) build). I do have one or two warnings, and since there's a -w switch I'm not using, I assume these should not cause an error result.

Since this problem seems to have been around for many versions of IS, I'm hoping there are some good alternative suggestions for detecting a failed build (or something I should be doing differently to get the correct exit code - I have a C# .NET automation program, and am using a Process object -- after the HasExited flag is hit, I check the ExitCode property on the Process) ?
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I see the very same issue with InstallShield Professional 2012. The return code is -1073741819. I am curious if you found a workaround to the problem. If not, perhaps you get the same return code? If so, maybe we can call that "good" until a fix is made?
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