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Is there a way to combine x86 and x64 driver

I want to create an installation file with one setup file that runs on 32 and 64 bit O.S.

However, as you know, the device driver wizard allows me to choose only 32bit machines or 64bit machines.

Is there a way to combine them and use them simultaneously in 32 / 64-bit O.S.?

Please let me know. Thank you very much.

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Hi @daqsystem ,

Device drivers are usually considered either architecture specific or generic. Usually device driver interacts with the architecture specific hardware component or a generic hardware components not specific to a architecture (example mouse ). 

Win32 user-mode applications can run on 64-bit Windows through the WOW64 layer, but 32 bit drivers are not supported on 64-bit Windows through the WOW64 layer.

If you device driver independent of architecture then you can go with Generic option or if its an architecture specific you can choose accordingly.

So, again it is up to your driver how you want to deploy. 


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Thank you for your quick response.

If I run the setup files provided by other companies, it can install the device drivers and other files without distinguishing between 64-bit and 32-bit OS.

What should I do to make this installation file? Or what more do I need to learn?

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For example, if a 64-bit driver does not work on a 32-bit OS, can I integrate x64 and x86 drivers? If so, how?
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