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Level 8

Is it possible to install 32Bit installer in 64Bit, as a 64Bit installer?

I want to install a 32Bit Installscript MSI installer in 64Bit environments as a 64Bit installer, is it possible?

+ It means currently if we install 32Bit installer in 64Bit, all the files and registry entries will go to 32Bit block(program files(86) that)

+ But if I install using 64Bit command prompt with any arguments or any other syntax, is it possible to move all the files & registry entries to 64Bit block?

+ if yes, what will be the changes needs to be done in installer?
+ if no, is there any other way to maintain one installer for both 32 & 64Bit environments?
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

No; Windows Installer based projects can only target a single architecture. See Heath Stewart's blog post on Multiple Packages.
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