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Is Installer not supported in Win10 S mode because apps needs to be from Microsoft Store.


  Is Installer not supported in Win10 S mode because apps needs to be from Microsoft Store?

  In March 2018, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 S would be deprecated because of market confusion and would be replaced by "S Mode", an OEM option wherein Windows defaults to only allowing applications to be installed from Microsoft Store, but does not require payment in order to disable these restrictions.
 The installer which is builded by installshield script can't support in Win10 S mode. How should we do? Do we have to abandon installshiled to write driver and tool install script by other method?

Looking forward to hearing from you,thanks!

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Microsofts Windows store accepts packages in the MSIX format.

Installshield has full functionality to build MSIX packages and can convert MSI installers into MSIX.
You are correct however that it is not possible to convert Installshield Installscript Packages directly into this format type.

The only path of convertion that I can think of would be to use the Repackager tool which is part of our Adminstudio software  - this can be used to convert your Installscript into an MSI - and then you can convert the MSI into MSIX.
It should be noted that the repackaging process will only capture an installation process, it will not capture and convert any installscript logic that you may have in the project.

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Many thanks for your quick and detailed reply.

My problem exproblem wasn't very clear. In fact, my focus is that how to realize to package driver install and tool copy and execute to meet Win10 S mode by installshield script. Does msix support driver install in an installation process in windows APP store?

Could you provide the related resources, user guide or sample code? Thanks!

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