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Invoking a setup on the DVD drive

I have a setup.exe and I want this setup to call a another installshield setup.exe on the DVD rom drive. is thsi possible.

I looked at nested installs (which is NOT recommended) and also I do not want to bundle the setup.exe being called in the first one (which is done by nested installs). I also looked at setup prerequistes which also bundles the setup.exe being called in the first one.

Basically I am looking to find if there is a way I can keep these two setup.exe seperate and call one from the other. Thx.
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Level 4

Just a follow up to my earlier post which can be useful to someone in the furture, after running some more tests. I found a way to invoke an exe on the DVD drive. The SETUPEXEDIR property value can be utilized in the custom action to run an EXE from the path to a directory.
The only limitations to this are:-
-You need to run your primary setup.exe from the DVD drive.
- The exe cannot be a Windows installer exe, in my case I was able to invoke it but it complained about not able to run another Windows installer whiel another one was in progress. I am pretty sure it woudl run another exe without issues.

So I would guess the only option is to use setup prerequisites if you want to invoke another windows installer setup.exe...unless someone throws in other ideas. Hope this helps....thx
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