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Level 13

Integration of IS 2016 Premier SP1 and VS 2017

I have InstallShield 2016 Premier SP1 and VS 2017 Professional installed. All of my InstallShield projects show as:

MyProjectName (incompatible)
The application is not installed.

What do I need to do to integrate the two?

9/1/2017 Edit
Does this have anything to do with the fact that...
1. I had VS 2013 and IS 2016SP1 installed (did not have above problem)
2. Installed VS 2017 and had both VS 2013 & 2017 installed for a while (had above problem)
3. Uninstalled VS 2013 (still have above problem)

Do I need to reinstall IS 2016 SP1 to get VS 2017 to recognize IS projects?

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Level 13

I tried a 'Repair' of InstallShield since it was installed prior to VS 2017. That did not help.
But all I had to do was right click on each InstalShield project and ‘Reload Project’.
Well that was easy to resolve. 🙂
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