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Installshield restart after the first installation

Hi all

I'm using Installshield 2013 and I have a problem with an installer for my apllication (the problem is also present in Installshield 2012).

A lot of time ago I have created an installesr for my application (Version 2.0.4).
Today I have create a new version of the software (3.0.0) and also I have created a new Installer with a new Package and Product code, I don't have changed the Upgrade Code.

If I run the installer in a new machine where the old version of the software is not installed or it was uninstalled manually, the installer works correctly. After the installation the appplcation run coorectly

If in the PC is present an older version of the software when I start the installer I have a probelm.
The installer remove correctly the older version and install the new files but when I run the application for the first time the installshield restart the installer and after the application run correctly.

Do you have any suggestion how can I resolve the problem?

Best regards
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Level 3

Please search (and post) the eventviewer message about this issue, this will probably give you a hint which component (keypath) is causing the repair..
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