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Installshield product upgradation problem

We have one product of version 1.14.0019059. But it is not able to upgrade on 1.13.0219038. It throws error "Newer version is already present. Please uninstall previous version."

I am not able to understand why Installshield is not able to upgrade the product even if there is a minor version upgrade.

We are using Installshield 2018 R2.
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How were you able to enter 0219038 for ccccc of the Product Version? If you use the InstallShield IDE and enter that value you will get a pop up that says "Invalid version entered."

Specifying the Product Version
InstallShield 2018

When you are specifying the version number for your product, you must ensure that you enter a valid product version. The version must contain only numbers. It is typically in the format aaa.bbb.ccccc or aaa.bbb.ccccc.ddddd, where aaa represents the major version number, bbb represents the minor version number, ccccc represents the build number, and ddddd represents the revision number. The maximum value for the aaa and bbb portions is 255. The maximum value for ccccc and ddddd is 65,535.

At run time, the installation registers the version number of the product that is being installed. The entire version string is displayed in Add or Remove Programs. The product version number is important because the installation engine uses it in part to determine whether to apply an upgrade.

So the problem is that "1.13.0219038" is illegal. Therefore, I suspect that the results of the comparison are indeterminant.