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Installshield LE misses files when built by msbuilt, but not when built in IDE

I have a simple web application (MVC/Web API, Dev studio 2013)) where I have used the included Installshield LE for the deployment. I use the primary outputs for each project to define the target files.

If I build this all in the IDE (Dev Studio), the installation works fine (ie all files are deployed)

However, if I build from the commandline using msbuild (as I want to on our build server) as follows...

msbuild myapp.sln /t:Rebuild /p:Configuration=SingleImage

the install builds ok, but there are files missing in the target folder after the installation is run. All the missing files are references added by nuget..

eg Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb, Microsoft.Practices.Unity.Configuration etc.

Not all of them are missing, for example it does include Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll, but not the other 2 unity related assemblies (ie Microsoft.Practices.Unity.Configuration.dll and Microsoft.Practices.Unity.RegistrationByConvention.dll).

I have no idea of what else to try. It works fine when built in the IDE, but not with msbuild.

Does anyone have any ideas here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Level 6

This is an issue I ran across several months ago, Their last response was that they were "looking into it" but I have heard nothing since then.

original post regarding it is here:
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How come you have this issue for years and still were not able to fix that or provide any answer? It's 2015 already, guys...You can't do business like that.
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Level 3

same problem here. Visual Studio 2013. MSBuild 12
Happens to some of OWIN Dlls
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