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Installshield Express 2018 Reactivation Error 0

Hello i am trying to re activate my Installshield 2018 with the offline mode.

I have the license.request file, I need to know who to send it to get the response file.

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Hi @javier_marin,

You can upload the request file in the offline activation page( and generate the response. Later this response file can be used to activate the product.


More information can be found at the below links : 

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Good morning I was generate de Activate.xml file but it show me the following error



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Hi @javier_marin,


 How many machines you have activated InstallShield,

if you have activated in any other machine, you need to return the activated license from that machine before activating in another machine.

Please contact Revenera support to get the help if you couldnt resolve yourself

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Thanks the re activation was sucessful.