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Installshield 2018 doesn't support higher resolution displays


I was trying out Install-shield, and I'm very disappointed with the initial results. Absolutely everything in the project looks extremely tiny, almost unreadable in my high resolution display. This is not the Window XP era, we are far ahead of that, so I don't see any excuse why there's no support to scale or make user readable the text in higher resolution displays (3K and 4K - well I'll consider those normal resolution displays nowadays...)

The attached image shows Visual Studio's Tool's menu at correct scaling, and the Upgrade Paths tab of InstallShield with the tiny text.

If you can't fix this Flexera, I'm sorry but by no means I'll ever going to buy your product, I can't bear maintaining an install-shield project with tiny text, I'd rather use the default VisualStudio Installer Projects to create my installers...

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