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Flexera beginner

Installshield 2013 license

Can we purchase installshield 2013 license and install installshield 2010 using it?
Also, is it possible to use installshield 2010 stand alone build exe to build an installshield 2013 ism?
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Flexera jlynch11

Re: Installshield 2013 license

It depends on the licensing model. InstallShield node-locked license are specific to their version, so an IS 2013 serial number will only activate IS 2013. If you have a concurrent license, however, you can check out older versions, including InstallShield 2010.
InstallShield project files are also specific to their version of InstallShield, so you will not be able to build an IS 2013 project with IS 2010 or IS 2010 Standalone Build. You can convert older project files to new versions though; for example, if you an IS 2010 project in IS 2013, it will give you the option to convert it to a 2013 project.
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