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Installshield 2012

Hi there,

I am working with InstallShield 2012 Professional - AdminStudio Edition.
I created a new msi basic msi project.
When i am finish compiling, I get the msi file i requested in the following path:
\package name\Project_Assistant\single_msi_image\diskimages\disk1\msi file
Is there any way to create the msi in the same folder that the ism file is?

Seems that InstallShield is creating a few folders when compiling (see attachements). I do not need all that folders and information.
I just need the msi to be created in the same folder that the ISM file is present.

How can make sure installshield will not create those folders?

Thank you for your help.

Amir 🙂
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Why don't you try using the following settings?

[Build ]tab - [ Shallow Folder Structure ]
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Thanks again.
Amir 🙂
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