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Installscript vs MSI and SQL Express installation


I just want someone to explain why the following happens. I want to launch SQL Express installation only when a user has chosen a specific setup type. That means it is not listed in pre-requisistes as we don't know what setup type the user will choose yet.

If I create my project using BASIC MSI format, then the SQL Express can only be installed as a prerequisite because two MSI installs can not be executed at the same time. And nested MSI's are a bad thing. There have been several threads with people experiencing this problem.

If I create my project using INSTALLSCRIPT format, then SQL Express can be installed whenever I deem it so via the LaunchApp commands.

Why is it possible via one type of install project and not via another?
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Level 3

I am newbie to installshield working on BASIC MSI project
As product design we require to conditionally install "SQL Express 2k5 SP2" default instance.
By conditionally means I want to install SQL only if user selects a particular feature say "feautre X". So in my case adding SQL as prerequisite is ruled out.
I am using Installshield 2008 for developmnet I guess feature dependent pre requisite is IS 2009 feature but I want to achieve it with IS 2008. Is there any way to do so.
I have tried placing SQL Express in SUPPORTDIR and launching from there but it results in error 1618 saying another installation running on System.
Its urgent please reply
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Level 7

I never worked out a way around this.

I now use InstallScript MSI projects to allow me more control over my install. I'll never look back from this change as everything has been SO much better since converting.

Sorry, that doesn't help you much at all.
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Level 3

I had the same problem using Basic MSI and installing SQL Server Express. I need to know later into the install whether to install Express or not to.

So when it was determine that Express needed to be install I called an external C# program that I created to the SQLEXPR.exe install onto its own thread and installed from there.

Hope this help.

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Level 2

I'm new to Install Shield,

I would like the same thing happen to my install, could you please detail steps of launching the SQL install.
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