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Installing Windows Service


I'm using Visual Studio 2012 with InstallShield LE and want to deploy a Windows Service. With the Visual Studio Installer, this was quite simple.

Where can I find a tutorial or sample how to do this with InstallShield LE or any other version of InstallShield (Give me the right info so I can justify the upgrade for my project).

Best regards,

Rene Moosens
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Level 7

The easiest way is to use our Professional or Premier tier product that has direct support for services. If you need to do it in Express, you would need to author a custom action to start and stop the service.

we don't have a tutorial, but InstallShield does have a wizard that helps you configure Windows NT services. Here are some basic instructions to get you started.

In the View Lists under Organization, click Components.
Right-click the Components node and then click Component Wizard. The Component Wizard opens.
On the Welcome panel of the wizard, select the second option, which lets you install and control Windows NT services.
The next panel has options such as Install NT Service and Control NT Service. Select the Control NT Service option to delete the service at run time. (Then, later you can create a separate component by re-runnning the wizard and selecting the Install NT Service option, which will let you update the service on the target machine and specify when it should be started.)
Complete the wizard.

InstallShield creates a new component for the service that you are installing or controlling. To revise any of the service's settings, expand the Advanced Settings node for that component, and then click the Control NT Services node or the Install NT Services node. Modify any settings that are displayed on the right as appropriate.

Note: These instructions apply to the Premier and Professional editions of InstallShield. Unfortunately, there is no built-in support for installing Windows services in InstallShield Express edition.
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I believe the Visual Studio Installer deploys Windows service applications using the Installer Class. You can accomplish the same in InstallShield LE by following the steps below:

  • Adding your Windows service application in the Files view.
  • Right-click on the file and select the Properties from the context menu.
  • Click the COM & .NET Settings tab in the Properties dialog and check the Installer Class checkbox.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Rebuild your project.

    Hope that helps.
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