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Flexera beginner

Installer process frequently fails and reports "Feature transfer error"

We use InstallShield to package and deploy our flagship software.

More recently (since the beginning of the current test cycle), we are frequently seeing the following errors and the installation process fails:

- "Feature transfer error" - seen most often. An unexpected network error occurred is seen most often.

- "File error" - seen occasionally 

The error typically appears during the first attempt of running the installer, although we have also seen it on the second attempt. Normally, the error does not occur during the second or third attempts.

Some detail about the InstallShield process:

- the InstallShield software is hosted on a remote server. Access to the server is often via VPN

- resources for the installer are stored both locally and on other servers. Global path variables defined in the InstallShield project define the location of each resource

This issue is seen as fairly disruptive and potentially damaging to customer experience, could you please advise what could be at fault and what we can do to diagnose the issue?

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Flexera beginner

Re: Installer process frequently fails and reports "Feature transfer error"

I have had no responses to an official support case I raised so I am trying here as well.....
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