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Installer created by IS Express 2020 R1 is detected by two engines on VirusTotal


Recently, I find all installers created by IS Express 2020 R1 will be flagged by two engines on VirusTotal, for example:

The two engines are below:

Jiangmin: Trojan.Generic.fjgcp

Zillya: Trojan.Generic.Win32.1059676

Though they are unpopular and I even do not heard one of them, it will sti

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @alancc ,


Can you confirm whether the setup is signed?With signed setups there are less chances of these occurrences.

The definition of Trojan.generic stands for detection of broader patterns of files which might be false positive as well:

"Security programs use generic detections that look for broad patterns of code or behavior to identify similar programs or files."




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My reply is deleted, so I have to reply again.

All files in my installer, together with the installer itself, as long as they can be signed, are dual-signed with SHA1 and SHA256.


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