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Installer always in runs in maintenance mode if any version is already installed.

Hi there,

I have an InstallScript MSI project with InstallShield 2008. I am facing problems if a previous version of my software is already installed on the system. The installer for the new version starts in maintenance mode. What I actually want is that the installer (automatically) uninstalls the old version and than starts installing the new version.
The InstallShield Help talks a lot about full and diffenrtial releaes, major and minor upgrades and so on. But it doesn't tell me WHAT to do.
I also tried to create a new GUID but it doesn't help. The installer with the new GUID ALSO openes the maintenance dialog. I even set "Enable Maintenance" to "no". I still get the maintenance dialog.

I have changed the product code. The installer now completely ignores the already existing, previous version of my software and is going to install the new version of my software. because the same default locations are used, it just overwrites the old version WITHOUT ANY WARNING. That is even worse than the first scenario.

How do I tell InstallShield 2008 to NOT open the maintenance dialog if a previous version of my software already exists?

Thanks for any ideas and comments!

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It sounds like you'll want to create a major upgrade. The bottom of the following help topic shows which codes you'll need to change for a major upgrade:
Major Upgrade vs. Minor Upgrade vs. Small Update

The Creating Major Upgrades section of the help has information on how to create the major upgrade—for specifics, see Adding a Major Upgrade Item. You basically add a major upgrade item to the Upgrades view, and then configure the settings that are available on the various tabs.

For information about a specific setting in the Upgrades view, press F1 when you have the Upgrades view open.

Hopefully that'll help you get started.

Debbie Landers
Macrovision Corporation
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Hi Debbie,

thanks for your very fast reply! After reading your suggested sections of the help system, I decided to look at the . I think now that creating a new package code for each version of my software will do what I want! First tests look promising... 🙂

Thanks a lot!

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