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Installer Repair mode cannot access source msi

Hello All,

So we have a D:\setup.exe file that we run as an administrator on a Windows7 machine. UAC is on.

😧 drive is wide open permissions-wise and is a local drive.

We then log in as someone else who is not an administrator on that machine, and we try to access something that we suspect is off limits as a non-admin, it attempts to repair the application by looking for the C:\users\\AppData\Local\Temp\ location (even though it wasn't run from there), and since it's the profile of the person who installed it, it's not readable by the non-admin user.

Even worse, when you do log in as that profile, the directory is empty, your source MSI is not there.

Anyone have any good explanation for this? I'm going nuts on this one.
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Flexera Alumni

Is everything compressed into setup.exe? If so, and you don't have the installer set to cache the files, the issue is that Windows Installer remembers where the MSI was run, which for a compressed install will be a temp directory that vanishes when installation is done.

A couple of ways to address it are to cache the install files somewhere (the Release Wizard has a panel for doing this for web media types), or to use a build where not everything is compressed inside setup.exe...
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