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Installed Application won't run if installed with InstallShield LE


I have a VS2010 C# Windows Form application that uses ORacle ODP.NET. I have been using the standard VS installer package with it to deploy to customers and everything works fine and the application executes after it is installed.

I saw the InstallShield LE template and was impressed so I imported my existing setup project and built out what I needed. Everything works fine and the application installs. The problem is that when I execute the application the main form comes up but it stops at the code line (hangs) where it is trying to connect to Oracle. The weird thing is that if I attachj to the process with VS and step through the code there is no problem. Is there somethign I am missing in InstallShield LE?

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As InstallShield Limited Edition do not have SQL Script View enabled ,we suspect that the Issue you are encountering may have nothing to do with InstallShield Limited Edition as it doesnot support Database Installation.

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