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Installation of .Net framework 4.6.2 on Windows 8/8.1 immediately restarts the system

I have a Installshield 2015 project where I added new code to install .Net Framework 4.6.2 offline installer.
I observed the pc automatically restarts after installation of .Net Framework
This one installed manually works fine.
But when installed through Installshield it immediately restarts skipping other stuffs pending in setup.

This is the code for that function:
function insallframework()
STRING szPath;

szPath=szFrameworkSetupPath ^ "NDP462-KB3151800-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe";

SdShowMsg("Installing .Net Framework 4.6.2. Please wait...",TRUE);

LaunchAppAndWait(szPath,"/q /norestart",LAAW_OPTION_WAIT|LAAW_OPTION_HIDDEN);

// Delay(10);
SdShowMsg("Installing .Net Framework 4.6.2. Please wait...",FALSE);


After this function gets executed there are two more functions :

InstallVCRuntime() which installs VC++ 2015 runtime and InstallAccessRuntime() which installs MS Access 2007 runtime.

Once installation of .Net framework 4.6.2 is complete the pc automatically restarts when InstallVCRuntime is in progress.

I tried lot of commandline options and still happens the same. This works perfectly on Windows 7.

In Microsoft website the commandline is mentioned as:

Manually in run command if I put the commandline options it works fine.

"C:\Build\NDP462-KB3151800-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe" /q /norestart

Does anyone has any idea or seen similar problems?

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Added .NET 4.6.2 a different way


I am using InstallShield 2015 and I have a Basic MSI install project that puts .NET 4.6.2 full on a system as a prerequisite. I created my own for 4.6.2 by first copying the one for 4.0. Do you have a Redistributables section where the other canned prerequisites are located? Maybe you can implement it that way? Let me know by replying back to this message.
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