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Level 5

InstallShield's HELL

I failed to uninstall the previos installation by normal way and continued to uninstall it manually...
I deleted all references to product/upgrade GUID from registry and removed installation's cahce from C:\Windows\Installer, C:\Program Files (x86)\Uninstall Information, %TMP%.

Now, when I run the same product again it always shows IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE=Yes, MAINTENANCE=0.
Uninstall fails because it is not in MAINT mode and Upgrade fails because of the internal errors (no database and config files exist).
It says that it upgrades from version 0.00.000 with GUID="".

How can I reset IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE or uninstall it completely ???
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Level 5

I created new dummy installer with the same project name,product code,package code,upgrade code and product version.
I run then upgrade and uninstall from it.
After that I run again install from my original installer and got the same problem.
It thinks that it is upgrading from version 0.00.000 and fails.
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Level 6

You can try 'Windows Installer Cleanup' utility to uninstall that applciatoin. Just download and try to remove your applicatio using the utility.
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Level 8

Remove the application reference in HKCU\Installer\Products
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