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Level 6

InstallShield force applicatio launch


Is there any way to force application launch when the setup finish without giving the user the choice?
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Level 8

CustomAction 18 (Execute program from installed files)
Place it add the end of the InstallExecute sequence or give it a value of -1 to only install after a successful installation.
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Level 7

If you are using script to do this you can use the 'LaunchApp' method...

/*--- code used in the OnEnd() method ---*/

//--- hh.exe is the microsoft help html file viewer...
if (LaunchApp( "hh.exe", strPathToLaunch) < 0) then

//--- Pop up error message if unable to launch application


... figured I'd add that in case someone using InstallScript or using script for a custom action read this post. For a more detailed description see this article.
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Level 6

Also, at the click of the Finish button in the Final dialog, you can launch the application.
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Level 7

True but that would launch the app before setup was complete. In my application I ask if they want to launch the app in the Finish dialog and then in OnEnd() I check to see if they chose to or not and launch it if they chose to.
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