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InstallShield crashes while building .cab Files


I have a problem with InstallShield 2014 on a Windows Server 2008 32-Bit System.
The complete program crashes at building .cab Files of a Basic-MSI-Project with an “IN_PAGE_ERROR (0xc0000006)”.

Crash Details:

Exception IN_PAGE_ERROR (0xc0000006)
at address 0x7014a34b.

File : C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2014\System\isdev.exe
Version :
Exception : c0000006
Address : 7014a34b
Access Type :
Access Address : 00000000

Registers : EAX=0b720068 CS=001b EIP=7014a34b EFLGS=00010202
: EBX=0b6f0210 SS=0023 ESP=0012c45c EBP=0012c488
: ECX=0b720068 DS=0023 ESI=0012c49c FS=003b
: EDX=0b6f01f0 ES=0023 EDI=000e44fc GS=0000

Stack Trace : 7054ca37 7054a921 704f518a 704f8683
: 704f84fe 0b5f04a1 0b5e484a 0c236020
: 0c235a1d 0c0fe5ba 0c0fe376 0c233d62
: 0c232d67 0c1d7ecc 0c1d763e 0c0c96f7
: 0c0c8d2f 0c0ca147 051e7d68 051e5969
: 051b5bd5 051df817 026e82bd 026e2a10
: 0042b745 00454f27 69f492f7 69f5403c
: 69d0a288 655f00b8 69d0852e 69d085c6

The project was converted form InstallShield 2010, where it worked fine.

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

The IN_PAGE_ERROR is a low level error that we are very unlikely to be causing. I would suggest doing some hardware scans of hard disk and memory to rule out hardware problems.
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Level 3

I had similar problem when I switch to Windows 8.1. When I unchecked Sign Windows Installer Package box, the problem disappeared.

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Level 2

Ditto this problem for me. I am on Windows 7 x64 with IS 2009 SP2.

Often the "Sign files in package" is incredibly slow. > 10 seconds for each file. Yes, my internet connection is fine and I have tried other timestamping servers.

I don't bother anymore. I use signtool to sign my files. I get InstallShield to sign the setup.exe successfully but the installer package itself cannot be signed.

I suspect an MS Windows patch broke this. *BUT*, Flexera should still release a patch.
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