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InstallShield Looks in Wrong Temp Folder for Support File

We are using InstallShield 2020 R3.  Our installer is throwing a System.IO.FileNotfoundException.  The  support file that is not found is added to the  InstallShield SupportDir\LanguageIndependent folder.  Analyzing the problem I have found that when InstallShield starts up, it creates two temp folders (guid names) one contains the runtime binaries (_ISMSIDEL, ISSetup.dll, setup.exe, setup.ini, setup.isn).  The other temp file contains the files added to the SupportDir as well as some additional IS files (_isres_0x0409.dll, _isuser_0x0409.dll, ISBEW64, setup.exe, setup.inx).  In the original exception window, was a warning message: "WRN: Assembly binding logging is turned off."  Enabling assembly logging binding, rerunning the installer and reproducing the issue, the stack trace contains more information.  It shows that InstallShield cannot find the support file because it is looking for it the other temp directory; not the SupportDir temp directory.  Can someone explain why this is happening?

I've attached screen captures illustrating what is occurring.

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