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InstallShield LE + IntelliProtector

Hello everyone,

I'm programming a software in VB and I have InstallShield 2014 LE version that comes with Visual Studio 2013.

I protect my software through IntelliProtector solution that can generate pop up based on the trial period or the end of the purchased license.

Only so that it can be done, I need to provide the ".exe" and another DLL library to IntelliProtector so it can protects my software.

For a basic version of my software, I provided the protected ".exe" and DLL to InstallShield and I generate my new exe that allows me to install my software.

So far, everything is good, we agree?

My question arrives.

During an upgrade of my software (so I used the option Upgrade Path to InstallShield), when I launch my new ".exe" generated by InstallShield, it updates the software but delete my IntelliProtector protections.

So if someone downloading my software, disables the trial period with his registration key and updates the software after 1 week, the software will run as if he was on trial period, and it will not allow me to take it off.

The solution would be to update the software without touching the IntelliProtector process.

Did someone has already encountered the same problem?
If so, can he guides me? Otherwise, if you have other solutions simpler than IntelliProtector to protect its software, i have open minded!

Sorry if it seems easy to you, but I'm a beginer in software development ...

Thank you in advance to all of you.

Kind regards,

M. Lambert
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Hello mclambert,

Is the dll still in the updated project for the upgrade?
If you did not perform an upgrade and just install the latest version, does the dll get installed?
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