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InstallShield LE 2011 Crashes VS2010 On Startup

A VS2010 project that we've been working on for months was fine until last night. Suddenly InstallShield LE started crashing VS2010 every time we tried to open our solution.

When we remove the InstallShield LE project from the solution everything is back to normal. We do our work, make our builds, and when we are done we add the InstallShield LE project back in. We can even build a deployable single-image setup.exe.

But... next time we open the solution VS2010 crashes again. This is a very frustrating situation and slows down the development cycle!

Any clues on how to get InstallShield LE back to normal?
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Can you try Installing VS2010 SP1.

Kindly let me know if you still encounter the crash.

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