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InstallShield Installer Slow After Upgrade from 2012 to 2022

After upgrading our InstallShield 2012 projects to InstallShield 2022, the resulting installer takes over a minute to install where the the installer created with 2012 takes seconds. 

I ran both installers with logging verbose turned on and compared the log files. I was not able to locate any actionable discrepancy, except that the 2022 version spent over 1.5 minutes in a step labeled as "Initializing Engine".

I am unfortunately not able to include the log files, but was hoping that somebody could provide a pointer on how I can further investigate what is occurring during the "Initializing Engine" step.

Thanks in advance!

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We're having a similar problem.  Upgrading from 2015.

Using a Win11 Machine our build went from 1 hour to 5 hours.  Using a Win10 machine it went up to 3 hours.

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