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Level 6

InstallShield Freezing on Cancel

I have a strange problem. The InstallShield freezes on Cancel.
The only way to kill it is to end task. This works with other languages and I even tried deleting the release configuration and re-creating it. It seems as long as Chinese is picked for the language this happens.

Since it just freezes, the log just ends.

動作結束 14:45:04: CostFinalize. 傳回值 1。
MSI (c) (6C:98) [14:45:04:831]: Skipping action: INSTALLDIR (condition is false)
MSI (c) (6C:98) [14:45:04:831]: Doing action: MigrateFeatureStates
動作 14:45:04: MigrateFeatureStates. 從相關應用程式轉換功能狀態
動作開始 14:45:04: MigrateFeatureStates.
動作結束 14:45:04: MigrateFeatureStates. 傳回值 0。
MSI (c) (6C:98) [14:45:04:831]: Doing action: InstallWelcome
動作 14:45:04: InstallWelcome.
動作開始 14:45:04: InstallWelcome.
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Level 6

I forgot to mention that this does the exact same thing if you click the Install button. The log file looks ldentical , the last thing is InstallWelcome.
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Level 4

Can you please elaborate more on the the steps followed?
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